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Our doctor, Dr. Michael Spencer, can often provide a partial denture for individuals who have lost multiple teeth due to untreated gum disease, chronic tooth decay problems or significant oral trauma. A partial denture is essentially an abbreviated form of a complete denture. Some also include small hardware components to secure their relationship with the neighboring natural teeth.

Once your partial denture has been created in a state-of-the-art dental lab, your dental restoration appliance will require some daily care and maintenance.

This starts with thoroughly rinsing the removable dental appliance each night to clear away any stray food material and plaque buildup. It’s also important to thoroughly wash away any old denture adhesive. Then, you should brush the denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a small amount of denture polish.  

You should store the denture overnight by soaking it in water and tucking it away in a safe place.

Once you have cleaned your denture appliance, you should thoroughly brush and floss your remaining natural teeth per your usual daily oral hygiene routine. This will help reduce your chances of suffering new cavities and developing further tooth loss complications.

If you were provided with a partial denture at our dental clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, and if you have questions about how to properly maintain your new dental appliance, you can always call 904.355.5531 to consult with the staff at Riverside Dental.