We believe in treating our patients with the most simple and predictable approach. There is always more than one way to do anything. At Riverside Dental, our approach is to always save existing natural teeth we feel can be expected to last long term. By saving existing teeth, we are able to make your new restorations look and feel more natural, which saves you time and money. If teeth do not have a good long term prognosis, implants may be used for support and stabilization.

Many people with significant dental decay (cavities), feel their teeth are hopeless, that they should be pulled and replaced with implants or complete dentures. This can be done, but will increase the cost of your treatment and still requires twice a year maintenance. All restorations require maintenance. We recommend twice a year maintenance for implants, dentures and partial dentures, the same as suggested to maintain natural teeth.

Our philosophy is to assess your individual needs, explain what we feel are your best options and answer any questions you have. We want to listen and understand what you want. We feel it is most important for you to first decide what is the best treatment option for you and second where is the best place to have it done.

We hope to have the opportunity to care for you and your dental needs.

Michael D. Spencer, DDS & the entire staff of Riverside Dental