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Are you suffering from tooth decay? Has your poor oral hygiene effectively led to the creation of a cavity within a tooth? If so, dental fillings will be needed to eradicate any cavities that may be present. One highly effective option is dental tooth-colored fillings, also known as white fillings or composites.

Composite fillings are designed to treat cavities, without the use of metals and mercury as dental amalgams do. Dental amalgams use a metallic combination of ingredients including mercury to effectively protect your teeth from future tooth decay, whereas composite fillings commonly use resin or porcelain.

If you are looking for a dental filling that will blend seamlessly with your smile, then tooth-colored composites are your best choice. They are free of the metallic shine, and can be blended to naturally mimic the color of your teeth.

If you suffer from a cavity and require a tooth-colored composite filling, contact Riverside Dental at 904.355.5531 for the ideal treatment to save your tooth, and your smile. If you are looking for a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida, you can schedule an oral examination with Dr. Michael Spencer and our team at our dentist office. We would be glad to take care of any oral health care needs you may have.