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Minor physical defects that affect a tooth’s enamel layer can be cosmetically unsightly. At the same time, a chip or deformation in a tooth can also start to trap plaque buildup, minute food particles, and sugar residue, all of which promote tooth decay.

If you have a tooth with some form of physical defect in the tooth enamel, it’s a good idea to have it examined by a professionally trained doctor like Dr. Michael Spencer. After a thorough examination, he will explain your options for restoring the tooth’s basic structure and appearance.

In some of these cases, a cosmetic bonding treatment can be used to address minor defects. This process will essentially laminate and seal the damaged tooth enamel with composite resin. This will help to restore its cosmetic appearance. The bonding material used in this procedure can be shaded to match the natural enamel of the damaged tooth, thus also helping to preserve your smile’s appearance..

To complete a bonding procedure, Dr. Michael Spencer will lightly etch the affected and surrounding tooth enamel to prepare a surface that is capable of bonding to the dental resin. Once the cosmetic bonding resin has been applied and shaped, it will be hardened with a special type of ultraviolet light.

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