Dental bridges are permanent dental appliances used to replace one or more teeth, literally bridging the empty gap in your smile with a new tooth. Dr. Spencer and Dr. Moshea offer many different types of dental bridges to meet your specific tooth replacement needs. The type of dental bridge in Jacksonville, Florida, that is suggested for you will be based on which teeth are missing and how many. Available in our dental office are:

  • Traditional dental bridges, which use two dental crowns to anchor a false tooth, known as a pontic, in place.
  • Cantilever bridges, designed for when there are no teeth on one side of the gap.
  • Resin-bonded bridges, which are ideal for your front teeth. Instead of dental crowns, many resin-bonded bridges use bonding cement and small metal clasps to hold your new tooth in place.

Your dental bridge will be custom made for your smile and checked for quality and fit each step of the way. We never want you to be without your healthy, beautiful smile, and we encourage you to contact us at Riverside Dental today if you are missing a tooth. Our dentists and team are excited to restore your smile!