One of the most common dental restorations available at Riverside Dental is a dental filling. Dental fillings are used when there has been damage to your tooth enamel, literally filling in the empty space left on your tooth’s surface once decay has been removed. While many materials, such as amalgam and gold, have been used for dental fillings, our dentists are pleased to offer a modern alternative known as white fillings.

White fillings are also called tooth-colored or composite fillings. This is because they are made from a durable plastic, composite resin, which can be matched to the exact color of your tooth. White fillings offer many advantages when compared to other dental fillings. White fillings not only look natural, but they also bond to your tooth structure. This provides extra strength and durability and helps to prevent leaks and cracks in the tooth.

Dr. Spencer and Dr. Moshea can generally complete a white dental filling in Jacksonville, Florida, in a single visit to our dental office. If you are experiencing tooth pain, a white filling may be right for you. We encourage you to contact our dental office to schedule your appointment with our friendly team. We look forward to providing you with excellent dentistry in a relaxing environment.