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As the holiday season progresses, it’s very important that you practice effective oral care habits. However, if you have noticed your teeth beginning to decay, we encourage you to seek dental treatment now before the damage increases. A dental crown may help you keep your teeth healthy and bright. Dr. Michael D. Spencer and Dr. Moshea are pleased to offer a few telltale signs that you may benefit from a dental crown:

– Weakened teeth. A dental crown can protect weak teeth from breakage, cracks, or decay.

– Broken teeth. You may need a dental crown to hold the broken parts of a tooth together.

– Large dental fillings. If you have large fillings but not a lot of tooth remaining, dental crowns can provide support and coverage.

– Dental bridge. If you are having a dental bridge placed, you may receive a couple dental crowns to hold the dental bridge in place.

– Tooth abnormalities. Dental crowns protect and enhance teeth that are irregular in size, shape, color, or overall appearance.

– Dental implants. Dental crowns are often attached to dental implants to help replace missing teeth.

– Lack of restorative options. When a tooth or the surrounding jawline is too weak or damaged for treatments such as veneers, composites, or dental implants, a dental crown may be the best solution.

– Cosmetic flaws. Dental crowns offer many aesthetic benefits, including making an irregular tooth look natural.

– Root canal treatment. A dental crown is often used to cover teeth that have received root canal treatment.

At Riverside Dental, our dental crowns are custom crafted for your smile. If you would like to speak with one of our dentists about receiving a dental crown in Jacksonville, Florida, please call 904.355.5531 today.