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Why should you replace your missing teeth? A full set of teeth allows you to eat and speak properly. A complete smile will keep your other teeth from moving out of their correct alignments. If your teeth do drift out of their positions, they can strike each other at the wrong angles, create new damage and put your smile at further risk. Of course, replacing missing or damaged teeth will increase your self-esteem and allow you to smile with confidence in professional and social settings. Our dentists, Dr. Michael Spencer, Dr. Camden Smith and Dr. Adam Cohlmia, will be happy to see you for a consultation to discuss your options for tooth replacement in Jacksonville, Florida. We can restore your smile using:

Each of these treatments has their own unique benefits, and the team at Riverside Dental will be happy to help you find the best option for you. Start enjoying the benefits of a full set of teeth today. A healthy smile and a new outlook on life can both be yours with a visit to our office. To schedule a visit for a consultation with our dentists, call 904-355-5531 today. We look forward to seeing you soon and to helping you enjoy a lifetime of spectacular smiles!

If you have dental concerns about how to restore your smile or replace missing or damaged teeth, we invite you to call us for your:

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