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If you or your child enjoy playing active sports in the spring or summer months, we encourage you to consider the health of your smile, as many sport activities can affect your oral health. If you plan to play any of these sports, our dentist recommends that you use a custom mouth guard to protect your smile:

If you enjoy riding your bike, whether it be a road or mountain bike, a bad crash could cause you to hit the ground face first and knock your teeth or damage your jaw. If you are wearing a mouth guard, your smile will be better protected.

Skateboarding can be very risky for your smile since a fall or crash could cause you to experience oral injury if your teeth are not protected with the use of a sports mouth guard.

Despite volleyball not being a contact sport, the ball could strike your mouth and cause damage. To maintain a beautiful smile and functioning bite, we invite you to consider wearing a mouth guard.

Softball and baseball pose more threats to your smile than you may realize. If the ball is thrown, hit, or pitched at you and hits your mouth, you could receive a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth unless you are wearing a mouthguard.

Surfing isn’t often considered to be an oral threat, but a wave could cause the board to rise up and hit your face or send you crashing to the ground. Wearing a mouth guard while surfing can be highly beneficial for your smile.

Mouth guards are reliable and sturdy appliances that cushion your teeth and jaws during sport activities. If you are interested in receiving a custom-made sports mouth guard in Jacksonville, Florida, contact Riverside Dental at 904.355.5531 today and schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Michael Spencer.