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Sensitive teeth are a common complication for thousands of adults today. In fact, there are many causes and treatments that can be used to treat this condition. If you suffer from sharp pain during your favorite treats, you could be experiencing sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity could also be a warning sign something is wrong, which is why it’s important to get examined by a dentist to discover the source of the problem.

Our doctors, Dr. Michael D. Spencer and Dr. Moshea, care about your smile. To help you overcome your sensitive teeth, our team at Riverside Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, is happy to share some information with you on the effect this condition can have on your smile.

Here is the scoop on tooth sensitivity and your smile:

– Improving your oral health includes making sure that you’re using safe tools that are nonabrasive. If you use abrasive cleaning utensils, you may wear down your tooth enamel and cause further sensitivity.
– Oral accidents that have produced chips and cracks in your teeth can lead to a rise in sensitivity.
– In some situations, you may require desensitization treatments to lower your risk for tooth sensitivity.
– Tooth sensitivity is often an indication of a condition known as dental abrasion.
– Tooth decay or cavities will routinely put you at risk for further dental damage, it will also give way to sensitivity.
– To limit the risk of tooth sensitivity from your cleaning tools, switch to brushes with soft bristles and nonabrasive toothpaste.

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