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Did you know that there are a few things you should do for your child’s oral health? Would you like to hear more about things you could do to keep their pearly whites healthy and strong? In reality, cleaning your little one’s teeth is important. If you don’t, your child may have to deal with a number of problems, such as cavities.

Sadly, more and more children are suffering from tooth decay. In reality, nearly 42% of children who are between the ages of two and eleven will eventually have to deal with tooth decay. Similarly, nearly 28% of children between two and five years old will have one or more cavities. Of course, you should remember that you’ll need to brush and floss to help your child stay healthy, but did you know that you shouldn’t let your little one brush on their own until they’re about five years old? Furthermore, even after your child starts brushing, you should consider supervising them until they can clean their pearly whites by themselves. You should also start flossing their teeth after they start touching. You should also remember that the diet your kid follows will affect their oral health. If your little one eats too many processed foods, they could be more susceptible to tooth decay.

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