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A stinging sensation or lingering pain after consuming hot, cold, acidic, or sweet things can alter some of your food and beverages choices. In the long term, it could impact your enjoyment of life. In some of these cases, chronic tooth sensitivity can be linked to an existing dental health problem.

Rather than experimenting with specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste, you should have the source of your tooth sensitivity diagnosed by a dentist like Dr. Michael Spencer. After assessing the factors contributing to your discomfort he can help you understand your treatment options.

In many cases, demineralized tooth enamel can contribute to tooth sensitivity problems. In a case such as this he might advocate a treatment strategy designed to increase the fluoride exposure of your teeth.

This can start with him administering a fluoride treatment to quickly bolster the mineral density of your teeth to help reduce sensation in your teeth.  

If it’s warranted he might also provide you a prescription for daily fluoride supplements might be included. This could come in the form of a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash.

If your tooth sensitivity is also related to active cavities, Dr. Michael Spencer can also treat the tooth decay with a dental filling or a dental crown restoration.

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