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Cosmetic dentistry is a form of dentistry designed to improve the look of teeth that have been damaged or discolored.

In some instances, teeth may be damaged and require a patch or quick fix to conceal the issue. Teeth whiteners and dental bonding treatments are highly effective tools for this, as professional whiteners can remove deep stains and discolorations and dental bonds can cover up chips, cracks and minor problems within each tooth. If the entire front of a tooth needs to be covered up, a dental veneer can be used. If the entire tooth needs to be covered, dental crowns are a suitable option.

Replacing missing or lost teeth is paramount in the quest for a beautiful smile. Dentures can replace a single tooth or be used for entire rows of teeth. Although dentures are removable, there are more permanent options such as dental bridges, which replace missing teeth and latch on to nearby healthy ones. Dental implants are another option, as they are installed directly into a person’s jawbone for a lasting hold that removes all food restrictions.

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