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Obviously, your teeth are pretty important. They’re one of the most versatile – and oft-used – tools we have to make life better. They’re used in myriad facets of life, but it’s also easy to get in the habit of using them for jobs that they were never designed to perform. That’s obviously not ideal, but using your teeth for jobs other than what they were meant for is actually detrimental to their health.

There are a few things Dr. Michael Spencer here at Riverside Dental in Jacksonville, Florida, recommends you do to avoid damaging your teeth by using them for tasks they weren’t meant to perform.


This should be pretty obvious, but sadly it’s not. When you try to open a plastic package or something else that you can open properly with your hands, it’s very common to just get frustrated, bite the package, and rip it open with your teeth. That usually gets the job done, but it’s terrible for your teeth. All that heavy pressure and the tearing motions easily erode the surface of your teeth. Worse still, if whatever you’re biting on slips, you could bite your teeth together hard enough to cause a fracture, crack or chip that’ll require cosmetic dentistry in order to fix.

You want to keep your teeth in great shape, so do your best to avoid using them for activities they weren’t meant to do. For more information, call us today at 904.355.5531.