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Your beautiful smile benefits from your diligent daily oral care: brushing those pearly whites for two minutes twice a day, and flossing carefully at least once every day. But even with diligent oral care, cavities can crop up requiring dental fillings. And if you have recently had a filling done, and are having a problem with sensitive teeth, don’t worry, it is likely only temporary.

Tooth sensitivity tends to arise after dental fillings, but usually they are brief and resolve themselves within a few weeks. What are some of the reasons your newly filled tooth might be sensitive? The most common cause of tooth sensitivity is a reaction to temperature, so you might breathe in cold air by mouth and feel a brief, sharp pain, or drink hot tea or eat a cold apple and notice brief discomfort. Also, it might hurt when you bite down on the filled tooth in the beginning. These symptoms tend to go away within a few weeks after the procedure.

On occasion, tooth sensitivity might last longer, or feel too painful to tolerate, and in that case, there are things we can do to help you find relief. We can put a desensitizing solution on the tooth, and recommend some desensitizing toothpastes to help you feel better until the tooth heals.

Now, if the tooth pain is coming from a filled tooth that had severe decay close to the tooth pulp, it might require a root canal to fix. The decayed tissue may just be too damaged to support the filling, and may need to be removed completely.

What if the tooth hurts only when you bite down, longer than a few weeks? It may be that the filling needs to be reshaped to fit the bite better. This is an easy adjustment to make.

And finally, your newly filled tooth might be sending out pain signals that its neighboring teeth might be mistaking for pain in themselves. As the tooth filling settles down this should disappear.

Our practice is pleased to offer white fillings, also known as tooth-colored or composite fillings. If you do have questions or concerns, we invite you to let us know. You can reach our Riverside Dental team in Jacksonville, Florida at 904.355.5531 today. Our dedicated dentists, Dr. Spencer, Dr. Ferber, Dr. Andy Maples, and Dr. Brian Maples are happy to help keep you smiling!