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At Riverside Dental, we’re committed to delivering the best results for your dental treatment at affordable rates. We take a hands-on approach to every stage of your treatment process. Our state-of-the-art in-house dental lab in Jacksonville, FL gives us the ability to oversee your entire treatment, from beginning to end, without unnecessary lab fees. It also allows us to keep more aspects of your treatment process under one roof, meaning less back-and-forth and more convenience. From cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to our full mouth dental implant laboratory, we’ve built our practice with the best technology to bring you the best outcomes for your dental health.

Having a dental laboratory on premises also cuts down your wait time for many procedures. For example, when you need a denture adjusted, you can’t wait days without your teeth. Our dental lab lets us complete denture relines within hours, so you can get back to living life. Investing in the latest dental technology is another way we consistently deliver superior care to all our patients.

Having a dental laboratory on premises also cuts down your wait time for many procedures.


The Right Technology to Deliver Superior Dentistry

Our in-house dental lab gives us the capability to craft gorgeous restorations for amazing esthetic results. If you’re looking for a way to rebuild your smile and replace your dentures, our full mouth dental implant lab is the perfect place to get the best outcome. We use cutting-edge digital scans to create a computer model of your anatomy. Using that model, we can design your dream smile with consideration for all aspects of your appearance, including lip line, facial contours, and skin tone, while ensuring ideal balance and function.

Our 3D dental printers allow us to render scans and smile designs into physical objects, such as models used to fabricate your final restorations. Our commitment to helping you love your smile includes the technical side as well as artistry. Our porcelain ovens give us full control over your final porcelain restorations, so you get natural-looking beauty you’ll be proud to show off.

Our In-House Dental Lab Means Better Results for Your Smile and Your Budget

Our philosophy of care here at Riverside Dental starts with a commitment to help you love your smile. We understand the importance of feeling confident in your dental health. We also understand that your dream smile needs to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Our in-house dental lab is part of our strategy for putting affordable dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, and a variety of other treatments within reach for our patients. But you should never have to sacrifice quality when it comes to your dental health, either! The advanced technology we’ve incorporated into our practice allows us to complete your treatments to our exacting standards, meaning you get only the best without costing you and arm and a leg. Come experience the difference great dental technology can make!

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Put our dental lab to work for your dream smile!

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